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What is Unique Healthcare?

The Unique Healthcare -a MEC Program- sets itself apart in that it is able to provide healthcare coverage (a MEC Program) subject to plan limitations, while eliminating deductibles and copays when seeking medical care at select locations (Unique Healthcare component), which provide savings to you not available through any other MEC option.

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Filliing out a prescription

What happens if I need to visit a specialist?
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What happens if I need a radiology or diagnostic?

What will happen in an emergency?
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Unique Healthcare: One Monthly Fee
No Deductible, No CoPay.
No Worries, No Headaches.

Main Office:

ADIUVARE Healthcare
  • 6151 Dew Dr. Ste. 420
    El Paso, TX 79912
    Call us at (915)317-5700

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    • Toll Free Number:


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